4.55 Carat High Quality Brazilian Emerald in Emerald Cut

$ 650

ANFA Gems & Jewellery DMCC is a limited company registered in Dubai – U.A.E. We represent our own mines in Brazil. Our emerald mines are located in the Campos Verdes area in Santa Terezinha de Goias – Brazil, which is known as the “Capital of the Emerald World” due to its dark vivid green high-quality emeralds production. We mine licensed, legitimate, and sustainable.

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“High-Quality Natural Emerald (Brazilian)
By ANFA Gems & Jewellers dmcc Dubai
SKU: #20.000155
Cut Type: Emerald cut
Weight: 4.55 Carat
Dimension: 12.0x 9.5x 5.0 mm


Diamond Cut ", " Pear Cut ", " Emerald Cut ", " Square Cut ", " Oval Cut ", " Cabochon ", " Round Cut


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