Where emeralds come from?

The scientific name of Emerald is natural beryl and represents the planet, Mercury. It is a green-colored highly valued gemstone evaluated by color more than its clarity. Emeralds are May’s birthstones in many countries including the United States. Over 5000 years, the emerald has been the most valued and desirable colored stones.

Where Emeralds come from

In ancient times, emerald came from Egypt and India but nowadays it comes from South America (Brazil and Columbia) or Africa (Zimbabwe and Zambia), Australia, Germany, China, Russia, Spain, and Norway. 

Available Shapes

Emeralds are available in different shapes but round cut and octagon shapes are most popular. There are many other shapes that are also available including Oval, Pear, Princess, and Marquise. Emerald is the most popular and well-known alternative of diamond engagement rings.

Emerald Color

The emerald is famous for its color and examined based on its hue, tone, and saturation of the color. It is graded AAA (highest quality), AA, A, B, and C (lowest quality) based on color. We recommend you to buy a deep green (AAA).  


  • It is the stone of wisdom
  • Strengthens the luck
  • Get more Profits
  • Stone for True Love

Consider the following things before you buy

  • Always stay in budget
  • Select your favorite shape
  • Specify how much quality do you need?
  • Choose size
  • Natural or Non-natural

Wearing Emerald

Emerald should be put in Gold or Silver ring on the little figure of your right hand (or working hand) in such a manner so that it can touch the skin. It can be worn on Wednesday.


Always take off the ring while you want to wash dishes, so be careful emerald will attract soap or grease. If you are engaging with any physical activity where the chance of scratches is high, don’t wear your emerald.

To clean your emerald gemstone, use a soft toothbrush with mild soap and make sure the dirt or grease is removed. Don’t use steam clears they may damage the stone or its setting and never clean several times a year.